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#CleanForTheQueen Campaign Fails Spectacularly on Twitter

The #CleanForTheQueen Twitter campaign, which is described on its own dedicated account as "an anti-litter campaign to clean up the UK in time for Her Majesty The Queen's 90th birthday", has misfired horribly, drawing in heavy criticism from many UK residents.

Countryside Alliance
The premise seems innocent enough, simply calling for a little extra consideration as we run up to the inevitable celebrations to mark our longest-running Monarch's historic milestone, but it's the way the message has been put across that has angered the online world.

People have called out the campaign for addressing UK citizens as 'peasants' or 'minions' to the queen, bound to serve her needs before our own, as well as insinuating that we pay no regard for sanitation or the environment without direct input from Her Majesty. I'm not sure which is more insulting to be honest.

As usual in the modern age of social media, justifiably irritated commenters took to Twitter to voice their disgust and before long the #CleanForTheQueen thread was filled with mockery, sarcasm and pure outrage, all aimed squarely at those involved in creating the disastrous campaign.

This kind of highly public fail just goes to show that, in the online world, you have to be extremely careful about not only what you're saying, but also exactly how you phrase it. Once online it will never quite go away, and if you do make a mistake, someone will find it and air out your dirty laundry for the world to see.

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