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Movi - The First Piece of Dedicated Livestreaming Hardware

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Livestreaming is, as previously discussed, likely going to have a huge role to play in the 2016 social media scene. 2015 felt like it was setting the scene for it, with pitched battles between the biggest platforms over start-up acquisition and ongoing attempts to be the first to implement new ideas. Now that all the major players have stakes their claims, things have started to settle down a bit and a more general phase of development has started.

Now, we've been given our first purpose-built livestreaming camera. It's called the 'Movi', and it's a pocket sized, wireless device which links directly to your phone. It's capable of recording in 4K, and enables you to switch seamlessly between different angles on the fly, across a 150-degree field of view. The battery life isn't great, allowing you only one hour of recording per charge, but livestreaming being what it is, if you're using it for anything beyond that length of time, you're probably in a position to keep it wired up as you record.

What's more impressive is the way that the Movi allows you to live-edit, using different shot/angle presets. Live editing is typically done using multiple cameras, as with a conventional set up, any attempt to change the angle while the thing is actually recording is going to look hideously unprofessional, but with the Movi, you can set up which angle you're going to switch to as the feed stays on the previous one and make the change whenever suits. Either that, or you can view a grid of 9 different angles and cherry pick the right one for the moment.

Having your phone as a viewfinder is nothing new, but in this instance it's been employed in such a way that it makes what would otherwise be heinously complex camerawork both simple and easy to understand. Add to that the fact that you can actively manage your live feed as it records, and basically stand wherever you want as you control the feed and you might well be looking at one of 2016's hottest products.

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