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#15SecondShakespeare - Raising Money on Social Media for British Red Cross

This year social media has started yet another way to raise money for charity. Last year The Ice Bucket Challenge was very popular, this year something a little more sophisticated. People are filming themselves reciting extracts from songs in a classic Shakespearean manner. They are using the punctuation and enunciation required to make it sound as authentic as possible. Many celebrities have joined in the fun, nominating others as they post their videos with #15SecondShakespeare.

The whole idea is spreading fast as more and more are using well known songs and giving them a twist.

The challenge began with trained actor David Fynn who decided to film himself performing the lyrics from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and upload it to his Instagram. It is only when the video then went viral on Twitter that he said '#15SecondShakespeare is going to take a turn'. And it sure did. After it's huge triumph on social media it gradually became a challenge to raise money for charity.

Over 15,000 #15SecondShakespeare videos have been made by celebrities but also anyone else who was able to summon their inner Shakespeare. It is another exciting way to show support and donate to Red Cross, helping refugees fleeing conflict.

Although the nominations haven't quite made it to Facebook as successfully as Twitter, a few are posting videos. Hopefully it will keep growing as the money being raised is for a great cause and is going to @BritishRedCross. To donate go to www.redcross.org.uk or text FAMILY to 70600. And of course, if you want share your Shakespearean talent with the world, feel free to join the fun on Twitter. To be or not to be part of the challenge? That is the question.

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