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'None Of Your Business' - Woman Defends Right to Keep Quiet About Family Plans On Facebook

A few days ago a post by writer Emily Bingham went viral on Facebook demanding that people stop being so curious about other's reproductive and procreation plans. She says that it is none of anyone's business and they have no right to ask. According to her it is a violation of privacy, not knowing whether the couple is experiencing difficulty conceiving or have already had the misfortune of losing a child for example.

Her post has been shared over 70 000 times and when we scroll through the comments, they all seem to be in awe of her courage to speak up. They share their stories, others express their love for her for saying this. Bingham had a bad experience, being laughed at for not yet having children at 33 which explains the anger and eagerness to post about the situation, however I'm not sure this is the case for everyone. Some people are just curious, and mean no harm when they do ask these questions. It is true, though, that when we do happen to bring it up we are not aware of everything going on in these people's lives.

She is determined to show people how hurtful these questions can be, even though she knows that they are not always meant badly. After having posted what was a random ultrasound, she claims in an interview that she never expected such a big response to her 'friendly PSA'. She believes that the decision to begin a family or have more children concern only the couple involved and they have every right to keep that information to themselves. According to Bingham, a person will share when they feel the need to, so don't go pushing them into it.

I've been getting lots of messages from people asking if they can share my original post that went viral last week. The...
Posted by Emily Bingham on jeudi 1 octobre 2015

The way I see it is that people are curious, it's in our nature. What she wants to prevent is hurting people's feelings, and avoiding any possible grief which makes an immense amount of sense, but she went in a little strong for my taste. It is true that it wasn't really something I had thought about before, I'll give her that, but at the same time it seems a bit of a harsh approach. What is also left to confusion is the use of a random ultrasound photograph.

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