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Freedom Day: Celebrating the Past and Calming the Present


At this time of year the air should be full with the fresh, careless, breath of spring, but instead, crowning blue skies are teeming with the buzz of policy, politics and parliament. In the midst of confusion and crackling airwaves a pure note of celebration has broken through in the form of Freedom day, ringing remembrance of the hard fought battle for political equality.

It’s easy to forget, in the whirlwind of jargon and catchphrases and UKIP and hung-parliaments and tactical voting and promises and constituencies and house prices and tax, that the option of political apathy is a privilege to be cherished, it means, at the very least, we are not having to fight for the right to vote.

Freedom day casts our thoughts back twenty one years to 1994 when, on this day, the first post-apartheid elections were held. In recent light of the xenophobic attacks staining the cities of Johannesburg and Durban, this year Freedom Day does not just represent the progress of the past, but seeks to solidify the unity of the present.

Surprisingly, it has been the clucking restaurant chain Nando’s to have most widely spread to message of empathy, and the very least tolerance, throughout the country, through an advertising campaign gone viral:

There has been an eruption of celebration throughout social media, as South Africa, with the world in toe, shows an optimistic picture of peace and progression, in a culture flourishing in its natural beauty.   


If Freedom Day is to kiss any meaning upon us Brits it’s this; our votes may be lost on a broken electoral system, but we can rejoice in the actualisation of our birth right, the freedom to vote; a true acknowledgement of equality.  

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