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Facebook Follows YouTube's 'Featured' Feature


It is rumoured that by 2017 69% of all online consumer traffic will be video content. This, combined with the ever-growing popularity of video sharing on social media, has sparked Facebook to action, as they now plan to rival the grand master of internet videos; YouTube.

They have begun their rivalrous steps by introducing a ‘Featured’ title to the video section of published Facebook pages, much in the style of YouTube. They even have a live comment section allowing real-time discussion.


This feature is only optionally opted for by the page’s administrator. Again similar to YouTube, the featured video takes up a much larger portion of the page. To trump YouTube they have also included a playlist which lies below the featured video. The new format has silently crept upon those of us loyal to Tubers, but with no ad breaks, this formatting face-lift of the old-school Facebook album style could potentially do YouTube's views a fair bit of damage.

Believe it or not this image was taken from Facebook's video section.


The friction between Facebook and Google is steadily building; Google's search traffic is decreasing, with social media sharing prevailing as the dominant form of finding content.

So maybe this upgrade symbolises a battle-commencing nod from Facebook. 

Game on.


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