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Social Media Rallies To Find Missing Dog

Dog Hunt

News about a dog? Yep, I have to cover it. Not just because it’s about a black lab, either. I’m going to put pictures of my own dog in it as well. You know, for an emotional response.

J.J. Pierce’s dog Louie was found and returned to her after being missing for nearly two months thanks to an incredible social media response to her plea for help.

Louie had gone missing on October 9th in Philadelphia, USA. Pierce left Louie in the car for a few minutes while she ran into a shop and once she had returned, the car was gone as was Louie. The car was found a week later, but Louie was nowhere to be found

This story is getting a bit bleak already. Here’s a picture of my dog as a puppy to keep you smiling.
That’s my dog, Lottie. As a pup. Adorable.

A man was arrested in connection to the car theft, but he shed no light on Louie’s whereabouts. So, police recommended to Pierce that she get word out immediately that she was searching for Louie and Pierce quickly set up the ‘Help Louie GetHome’ Facebook page.

The group managed to amass 15,000 followers and the search began not just nationwide, but worldwide. People from as far away as Australia where aiding the search.

People were making regular phone calls, putting fliers up just about everywhere and huge billboards were arranged to give the search for Louie as much coverage as possible. Pierce had to set up an alternative email account as she received over 600 messages over a three week period.  

Then, TeamLouie came across a promising lead and advised Pierce to follow it up. The next day, Pierce went to the car park of a nearby animal hospital and much to her astonishment, Louie was there waiting for her in the back of a pickup truck.

When speaking about the long due reunion, Pierce said: "Louie recognized me before I recognized him," she said. "His tail was wagging, his whole body was wagging. I realized it was him and I just started sobbing."
After a quick stop at the animal hospital, vets confirmed that Louie was in good health, just in need of a fair bit to drink, some good food and lots of sleep.
"The minute he came inside, he made a beeline for his bed," she said. "You can tell this is the first time he's been able to rest in the last six weeks. Obviously, we have no idea what the last 43 days of Louie's life have been like. I'm sure he has some stories."

Here’s another picture of my pooch to cap off this lovely dog story. See, aren't dogs just the best? Sorry cat people.

The hunt for Louie isn't the first time social media has been used to help track down missing pets. Earlier this month, a long lost pooch was rediscovered lost in the Lake District after a 6,000 strong social media response rallied once again. Also, so that I don’t neglect you cat folk out there too much, a cat that was lost in Italy while travelling to the UK was found over 1,000 miles away from home and returned safely.

I love happy endings. 

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and is currently interning as content writer hoping to go further. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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