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UNUM - Plan your Feed for Instagram Supremacy

If you're an avid Instagrammer, you may be like me; picky, in not only what individual photos you post and what filters you use, but how it all looks on your profile page in the grid format. While some may think this is a bit obsessive, Instagram 'themes' or aesthetically-pleasing orders to feeds are a growing trend which, if you hop on board with, will seriously up your Instagram game.

It's not necessarily a deal-breaker on pressing that follow button for me, but it can up the chances if the feed has some sort of symmetry or colour theme present to draw me in. There's something that grinds my gears about clashing colours, or repetitive, consecutive posts on a gridded-feed, which don't quite work cohesively.

The trend of Instagram perfection has got to a point where feed-planning apps are available to download. Being sucked into the trend, I'm a fan of ambiguously-named, Insta-planning app UNUM.

The name I've discovered - after a quick google search - means 'one' in Latin, and the premise of the app is for your collection of Instagram posts to be presented as "one inclusive journey" as the founder Dillon Morgan tells The Tab. Cheesy, cliché but very valid - your feed is a collection of chronological photos, so why not make it look great as a visual representation of your 'life journey'?
img UNUM

The app allows you to trial your impending post(s) alongside your current Instagram feed, as well allowing you to temporary remove a post, edit photos and also view your profiles analytics.

Considering not being primarily a photo-editing app, the editing options are great, with my personal favourite 'Whiten' feature allowing you to counteract ugly yellow-hues that artificial lights give in photos, resulting in that crisp appearance and clean theme - if that's your preference. Or, perhaps your theme is centered around dim yellow lighting, in which case, add emphasis with the Saturation or Tint adjustments; the versatility of UNUM is impressive.

The app also allows you to schedule posts, so can be perfect for hitting that peak uploading time when you're likely to rake in those sweet sweet likes, and may also be beneficial as an app to aid marketing for companies.

The main aim for the makers of UNUM - the team mostly made up of creators passionate about photography - is to "End Ugly Instagrams" which, being a visual app, is a very worthy mission if you ask me. Many profiles are using the app to perfect their Instagram feeds across iOS platforms, and their recently-launched Android version is at an impressive 100,000 downloads already.

See the video below where all the apps features are displayed in all their glory.

I wouldn't be surprised if these seven great Instagram accounts - hand-picked by yours-truly - use UNUM or a similar planning app to achieve their amazing feeds of visual, social media supremacy (can you tell I really love pretty Instagrams and this app?).

If you've struggled with perfecting your feed before and wondered how your next, expertly-edited post will fit in alongside existing ones, get on UNUM.

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our Content Writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry, with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow. Find her daily musings on twitter @Songbird_Lauras

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