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Pokemon Go - To Update or not to Update?

From children being rescued from caves to Pokemon cruising round Auschwitz, the Pokemon Go app has caused problems in both the virtual and real world. Its latest update has caused even more of an uproar.

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Imagine you've walked for hours, visited every Pokestop, flexing those poke-muscles at the gym along the way and then bam - back to square one. The Pokemon Go update has wiped some players achievements, sending them back to level one and causing outrage across the Pokemon world. The update has also removed the tracking system making it even more difficult to find Pokemon, as well as removing  the power saving feature for iOS users. Other updates include; refined animations, improved memory issues, adjusted battle damage calculation, various bug fixes during wild Pokemon encounters, updated Pokemon details UI, updated achievement medals art, fixed issues with displaying certain map features and minor text fixes.

The wider world seems to have a stock response for Pokemon players... "get a grip guys, it's only a game". So are they overreacting? Is the update safe? Is it just one bloke spreading these rumors of total Pokemon meltdown? The only way to find out... hit update.

I have now taken it upon myself to test these new waters. I will go into the Pokeworld and come out the other side as a new man - a Pokeman - just for those of you still debating whether to update.
I will update now...

I'm back. Initially, it was a disaster; back to level one and I was heartbroken. God help those on level twenty.

However, I soon realised the problem in my case is easily rectified, it's simply a matter of logging out of the app and logging in again under the Google mail account that I used when setting up the app in the first place. I am now replenished to my original level nine status.

The removal of the tracking system is a bit irritating; it's like playing a game of Marco Polo but now you've removed Polo. Here I am, wondering around a field, calling out Marco and the response is the smug silhouette of some Pokemon, it's probably another Pidgey - one of the most exciting features of the game is gone.

Another issue that hasn't been resolved is the lack of  Pokemon in low-population areas. For instance, there are significantly more Pokemon in London than there are in Milton Keynes. Are they addressing this problem at all, or will we have to arrange a Pokemon carpool to Bristol?

Scrapping the Power saving feature is causing problems too, at least it is for me. The app is drinking my iPhone 5's battery, this morning it died after 10 minutes of use - time to delete my other apps. Many have already abandoned Pokemon Go since it's update, or at least left one star reviews as if it has turned to Ash in their hands.


Others, like myself, are making compromises, such as buying portable battery packs to mitigate the poor battery life; how many compromises will people make until we give up entirely?

Will this update really deter users from playing the game? Since the app was introduced there has been as much excitement as there has been disappointment. People are losing weight playing this game, and some have even cancelled their gym memberships, which was the intention of the game in the first place.
The app is still in its early stages; don't worry about losing data, so long as you've downloaded it legally. Go ahead, do it, update and catch em all.

Cameron Sutherland

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