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Periscope Sharing Video Highlights

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Twitter have been updating and introducing quite a few new features to Periscope recently. The video streaming service was already doing well and now it's growing more and more attractive to users. Now if you aren't sure whether you want to watch a live video or not, you can watch a few highlights and see if it appeals to you or not. If you're new to Periscope or are just looking for something random then this update is really for you.

Live video can be dull and really that cannot be denied. You can find some of the most riveting and exciting videos, but even they might have a moment or two of fiddling or the streamer getting distracted by the comments. But if you come across a stream a little way in, you'll be able to see some of the best bits and see if you're willing to watch the stream. This isn't going to work if you're deciding on a stream that's just starting, but it'll work well once people get used to this fact.

As well as this, users will be able to watch highlights of users channels and of hashtags. So if you want to see what a user has done before to see if you want to follow them, then you'll see all their best bits and if you know a theme of a stream you want to see, then you can search and see the highlights of the various videos going on at that time. This is a nice idea as this makes it even more user-friendly than the addition of editor's picks did. Periscope are becoming more and more user-friendly and this should help them keep users using this service to stream rather than Facebook.

Periscope are also planning on introducing auto-play videos within their apps. They're hoping that by doing this, users will be drawn into videos quicker and therefore will spend time on the app. This could also have the opposite effect and put people off using Periscope as they don't want videos playing automatically. This will be introduced to Android first and they're looking into releasing it on iOS later. The highlights are also supposed to be released sometime this week.

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