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Swipe and #Sweatt Your Way Through Matches on New #Dating #App

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Do you love the gym? I'm not really a fan myself and maybe it's my personal avoidance of them that makes me side-eye this new app just a little bit. But the new dating app Sweatt is definitely one to check out, even if you don't think it would be the right one for you.

Sweatt looks to pair up people based off of their fitness habits. When it comes to looking for someone to date that does seem a little odd. Unless you're looking for gym dates or just someone to hook up with after your session but for this reason I think it could reasonably just be used to find people to go to the gym with too. Essentially you put in the information about your name, age, gender and what you're looking for as usual before you move into the gym bunny info. You can say which exercises and activities you take part in, when and how long you do them for, and you can bring up your diet as well. This allows you to find people who will not only be in the same area as you at the same time but will also be interested in the same sorts of activities and possibly someone you know you could safely eat with. That bit is pretty cool.

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The good thing about this app is that it's connecting you to matches through a shared local interest. It does unfortunately mean you could just meet anyone but if you agree to meet in a gym or a park then it'll definitely be a public space. It'll be easy to get friends to tag along when you meet them as they could just hang out around or work out too. I also like the fact that it does allow you to meet face to face easier. Setting what you're looking for into a local area still opens up a lot of space, if you know someone goes to your gym or one nearby then it'll be easier to actually meet up and talk face to face. Like Tinder, matches expire after 21 days so it is always good to find a way to contact them off app if you like them. If you're meeting because you go to the same place regularly then it just means you can meet in real time easier before you decide if they're worth your number or not and plus, it's easier to check them out if you're not sure if their photo is edited or not.

Of course photography is another big part. The adverts all show gym selfies and obviously not many women are likely to use them but it does mean you can show off those muscles you work so hard for, especially if you decide to start working out more to try and attract the buffer ladies and gents. Other than the whole gym aspect, it is pretty similar Tinder.

Sweatt is currently only available on iOS but I think it looks like it could take of if it does allow users to broaden what they use it for. As I said, it could be great for finding gym buddies in general and encouraging people to get fitter if they want to match with more people. It should probably encourage people to be generally careful and healthy for that reason too, it would destroy the app’s reputation if someone got an eating disorder or someone who exercises regularly but isn’t skinny gets insulted regularly. This app is already available worldwide so check it out.

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