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#Instagram Notifications Now Show in Your #Web #Browser

As awesome as Instagram can be the problem with it has always been that it's only really a social media service you can use on mobile. Yes, most people tend to check stuff out on their phone now and yes, these days you can at least view Instagram on the web but it's no good for anything other than looking through your feed and searching for tags. However this latest update brings some functionality to the web version.

Unfortunately you can still only upload photos on mobile but you can at least now see your notifications. If you're someone who uses Instagram a lot then this will be a great help. If you're logged in online then you'll now see a little notifications button identical to the tab inside the app. So if someone has liked, commented or tagged you in something then you'll be able to know without having to pull your phone out to check.

To some people this might seem like a pointless change. More people are likely to check things on an app these days than they are a computer, but for people who have Instagram accounts for work, people whose phones are broken or who just can't use the official Instagram app, the desktop version has its uses. With everything becoming more mobile, things do get a little more difficult for people who maybe can't read small text on their phones for long or for whatever other reason. Instagram started on phones and has moved onto desktop computers, it might be a long while before they'll even think about allowing people to post pictures through their browsers, if they ever do, but it would be a smart choice. Snapchat have recently made their Live Stories available on the web for the first time and it seems as if apps are starting to get desktop savvy. With things like phones and tablets getting bigger and actual computers becoming more tablet like, people need to start thinking about computers when it comes to apps and especially social media. If Instagram want to continue to be one of the top apps then a functional desktop site is still key.

Chances are this was just a one off feature in the hope that more people will be willing to get Instagram if they can check everything on the computer and only upload photos mobile. However that doesn't detract from the fact it was a good idea and one that I hope will encourage Instagram to continue down this path.

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