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Google & YouTube Working on Specialised Live Streaming App

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You've been able to live stream on YouTube for a little while now through its Creator Studio, but it's not a tool many people have utilised. Why? Because for one thing it's a feature on the web version and not many people who live stream are going to use a webcam. The people who do are likely gamers and YouTube have a specialised site and app that allow gamers to easily stream. This new app - YouTube Connect - would allow users to have an easy-to-access mobile app to stream from and it's about time.

The app would essentially just be for live streaming. It'll give you the ability to record and share your live streams through the app and will then archive them afterwards so you can view them again. What it doesn't have at the moment is connectivity with other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This could be because these services have their own live stream capabilities with Facebook Live and Periscope alike. Users of both services can post links to live streams to attract viewers on their base servers. It seems likely that you'd be able to find a link to share somewhere that you can post in other places yourself but it won't have the boost that it would if you could automatically share it. Within the app you'll also be able to tag other users, chat and see a recommended pane of clips of recent streams that both your friends and the users you have subscribed to have participated in.

You do have to have a YouTube account already to make use of the service so if you want to sign up just to live stream; it wouldn't hurt to make your account now. It is likely that users who stream the most and get the largest amounts of viewers will be users who are already big on YouTube. It seems likely that YouTube will try and encourage these popular creators to utilise this new app in the hope of not only spreading the word, but getting people to actually use it. However since no official release date has been set yet, it’s kind of hard to know who they might ask and how they’ll do that.

It seems likely that this app will go just as well, if not better, than the dedicated YouTube gaming channel which is now opening up in several more countries. YouTube is still the site we think of when it comes to video and being able to live stream easily on the service and then being able to keep those videos to share afterwards just makes sense.

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