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#Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Users #Email Addresses and #Phone Numbers

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The problem with giving out your details on the internet is that they can be leaked. Most of the time when we register to social media we don't worry as much, they're supposed to be secure and most of the time they just have our email addresses but with more social media services going mobile and two factor authentication being a thing, now we have the possibility of revealing more.

Twitter has revealed this week that their systems experienced a 24 hour bug within the password recovery systems. Nearly 10,000 accounts were affected and the bug could have revealed these users email addresses and phone numbers which could be used by hackers for more nefarious purposes. The bug has since removed and the accounts are as safe as they can be again. If your account has been affected then Twitter will message you on there and if they come across anyone who used the bug to access anyone else's information then they will suspend them. That might not seem like much of a threat, but it should control them for at least a little while.

This bug shouldn't have occurred but it did and now Twitter is telling users to be even more careful with their information. They do have a two factor verification feature so if you wish to have "good security hygiene" as they put it then they recommend you use that. It does mean that you will be providing more information but if someone gets a hold of yours then at least they might not be able to access your account and you'll know they tried. Twitter also suggest that you get rid of any third party applications that can connect to Twitter if you don't know what it is. They could be some sort of virus of their own and you don't want anything that you're not aware of on your phone. This is probably good practice for any third party applications you're unsure of.

Finally Twitter do have an extra security feature for when you do forget your password. You can select that you need to provide additional information then requesting a password reset. This should mean that only you can request a new password but of course, it isn't perfect.

Most Twitter accounts will have been unaffected but it is important to keep an eye on your accounts. If you're suspicious of any account activity you don't know about then there should be ways to find out who has been accessing your account and for them to get suspended if they have required your information illegally. But whether your accounts are safe or not, be aware that a bug like this could happen again so do your best to be secure.

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