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#Yahoo First to Broadcast an #NFL Game Digitally - The Internet Reacts

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A fun fact: two of the people in our office actually watched the match-up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills in person at Wembley Stadium last Sunday - myself and Megan. There's a nice undercurrent of NFL fandom here at Songbird, despite the fact we're based in the UK. It was a blisteringly entertaining game, with Jacksonville battling their way to their first win on British soil in the 3 years they've been coming here to play.

The attendance figures were pretty astonishing as well, a little over 84,000 fans turned out to see it, almost completely filling the gargantuan stadium. Some, however, still watched it from home, and it was the first game in NFL history to broadcast on a global, digital platform - Yahoo.

The viewing numbers were good, 33.6 million good, but there was a bitter twist to the story. Firstly that viewing figure, it's impressive, but do a bit of arithmetic and it amounts to around 2.4 million actual people watching from kick-off to final whistle, still impressive, but nowhere near the ratings games pull in during normal US broadcasts on CBS or ESPN. Yahoo elected to stick the first, much larger number, which has meant that they've been fielding accusations of massaging the truth to puff up their cheeks.

Slightly more concerning was that the number of people tweeting about the broadcast with a dissatisfied tone seemed to slightly outweigh the ones with positive things to say. Complaints of being repeatedly hit by the buffering wall, or the quality dropping off were the most common, not great when you consider that Yahoo dropped $20 million for the privilege. For those availed of more muscular bandwidth, things were far better, but the overwhelming feeling at the end of it all was that Yahoo had hailed a workable, but rough new form of sports broadcasting, and it would need a lot of work.

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