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#HackMyMood: Log your Feelings And Stay In Control Of Your Mood


Earlier this week #HackMyMood began to appear on various Twitter accounts. Logging your feelings is a pretty common thing, but how about being able to predict your mood? This is how this program works. Hack my mood is a way to log your feelings and assess them, using social media, with an aim of giving you more control over your moods.

Allison Nelson presented the app at Disrupt Hacktathlon Monday. Explaining how she hopes to use social media as a way to help determine how you are really feeling, she shares an example herself. She has found that once she paid more attention to the date and time at which she had tweeted, she was able to deduce that her posts seemed more negative when the weather was cold.  This assumption leads her to think that she will automatically feel a little worse on a cold day in the future. It was thanks to Weather Underground that she was able to determine this. She compared the time at which she had posted on Twitter against the weather database. Clever, hey? She strongly believes that this will help people with certain disorders to anticipate what sort of mood they could be in on certain days. This could be particularly helpful to people with mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Nelson has been able to retrace her mood, sometimes surprised by how she had truly been feeling. Her memory of that day might have been positive, but her tweet clearly showed a high level of stress. Social media has helped her, and she hopes it will help others to analyse their mood patterns too.

To some people it doesn't feel like keeping a log, simply posting as usual. Keeping a diary can be demanding but doing it this way may take some of the pressure away. Post as always, analyse after. It nearly feels like routine. The only thing that is different is that you get to know how you might feel next Thursday if it's going to be 2°C. I can see why it would be efficient. Allison certainly was pleased with the outcome.

Social media certainly seems to be scoring itself a few points lately, especially after the last of my articles. It is being used to find people and belongings all over the world and now it is helping people manage their mood patterns. I will have to take people's word for it, as at the moment I have been unsuccessful at finding the programme t try it out myself here in the UK. She has had a few comments on her Twitter about #HackMyMood. Some, like me are all for the idea but uncertain about how it works.

Social media has become, after all, a big part of all our lives, and I suppose that was Nelson's thoughts. She wanted the programme to be personal and also remain part of your daily life. We have yet to try the app although we would have loved to have analysed our recent feelings. All is left to do now is wait and see as it grows, hoping that the outcome will be as positive and successful as Allison Nelson intended it to be.

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