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Could Unfriending On Facebook Be A Sign Of Bullying?


Cyber bullying and trolling are very serious matters and should never be taken lightly but there is a new, possible addition to the list: unfriending people on Facebook. A question has been raised about whether or not this could be a true sign of bullying. Well, the Australian Fair Work Commission certainly believe so. After a woman experienced numerous acts of harassment, the colleague responsible proceeded to unfriend Roberts, the victim.

This particular unfriending is just another piece to the puzzle as it was an act of 'unreasonable behaviour' says deputy president of FWC Nicole Wells. Under normal circumstances this would not have been an issue but because of the ongoing confrontation it is being considered a form of bullying in the workplace.

According to Wells, Roberts has been struggling to maintain a healthy way of life at the office due to these malicious acts from her colleague Bird. Therefore, the Facebook incident can only be taken as another way to provoke Roberts who had even reached the point of needing professional care.

Of course, this was the decision made for this one case, but New York civil litigation attorney Ted Geiger believes that it certainly does not mean that every unfriending is necessarily an act of bullying, despite his full support in this particular case. There are still many ways in which it can be a personal choice, meaning no harm. Unfortunately, the allegations here had been made over the previous two years and this was just the icing on the cake.

Incidents like this may happen more than we think. Although the concept of unfriending someone on Facebook could seem innocent, to some people it could signify a lot more. Roberts and Bird had been in conflict long before this happened, but it has struck a nerve as the Australian Fair Work Commission believe it to be important enough to warn people. Harrassement of any kind is not acceptable and has to be dealt with as smoothly as possible, to avoid causing further problems. Like any other form of cyber bullying, we can only hope that this concept will not go any further.

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