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Hilary Duff Shares Real-Life Tinder Dates in Her New Music Video

Over the last month there has been speculation over whether Lizzie McGuire, I mean, Hilary Duff was legitimately on Tinder. Well it turns out she is and her experiences have been documented in her music video for Sparks.


Recently divorced mother of one Hilary Duff has been the talk of Hollywood. She admitted the alleged Tinder profile was hers but no-one really knew whether she was using it for dates or for some secret reason beyond our comprehension.

Then it turned out it was for some big ass promo stunt that she was going to squeeze into her music video in an attempt to make her more relatable.

I get it Hils, I really do. You’re single for the first time in forever, you want to break back into show biz but don't really know how. Well, get on Tinder and have a bio that says “let’s get pizza.” Prove you're one of us ordinary girls. It’s a fool proof plan. Right?

It’s kind of sad that we can’t trust a celebrity on Tinder. But then again… This is Tinder we’re talking about. Hilary Duff is mega rich and mega famous, does she really need a free hook-up app?

She said in an interview that she really likes the app (errr...), her music video also explains that she wanted to do something she thought she would never do.

In one respect, it’s awesome. It’s one thing for a celebrity to be on Tinder, but to admit to it – that’s something else. I know this sort of thing will work, because APPARENTLY we can all connect with this type of woman. Hmm..

My main beef with the song is that it was actually pretty damn catchy. But I can’t remember much, because the entire music video is just a backing track to the Tinder antics. Maybe a 30 second intro with Tinder would have worked better. But the Tinder discussions, bitching and judging go on throughout the entire duration of the video. 

The idea of having dates and it being real-life footage works well, but did we need the dialogue sound up full blast the entire time? Probably not.

I easily missed over half of the song thanks to this, but don’t worry there is a “non-Tinder” version.

Overall, I just don’t know whether the song was promoting Hilary’s Tinder account, or whether Tinder is promoting Hilary Duff’s music.  Either way, the Tinder element really takes the music away from her video. No-one’s fussed about the song; they’re ignoring it because of the scandal that is a celebrity using Tinder non-ironically.  

If Hils wants her music to be remembered, she’s doing it wrong. If she wants a viral video, she’s going the right way about it. Maybe she should take a tip from T. Swizzle and pile a few more celebs in the mix, then she’d be on to a winner.  

Here's the video if you're interested:

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