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Facebook Have Started Testing Giant Drones



The idea of Facebook essentially having an aerospace division might strike you as a little bit odd, but it’s true. The blue mafia have been exploring all kinds of inroads into expanding internet connectivity, especially in expanding markets like India and parts of Africa. Their biggest venture, Internet.org, is designed to utilise connectivity between mobile phones to create a workable network, but not far behind that they have their drone project.

These drones are nothing like the hobbyist, privacy invading fare that we’re all accustom to though. These drones are hulking solar-powered behemoths with a wider wingspan than a Boeing 747. Supposedly they’re capable of remaining aloft for months at a time. Between this and all the colossal HQ buildings sprouting up all over Silicon Valley, the competition between social media and tech firms is starting to look like something out of a Bond movie.

Google, for instance, are initiating a similar plan using balloons. If you’re now imaging a future where unmanned drones emblazoned with big F, G and Apple logos blast each other out of the sky in order to claim intangible web territory across the planet,  with a swarm of defenseless Amazon ones weaving between the gunfire to deliver Blu-Ray box-sets, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Test flights are planned to take place this summer, with prototypes having already flown in the UK. It will still be a very long while before ‘Project Aquila’ reaches the point of actually being properly implemented, but the fact that Facebook are facing such direct completion for skyward territory suggests that they aren’t going to drag their feet on this. They’ve certainly got the capital, their fourth-quarter earnings for 2014 were up an impressive 34% and they’re not showing any signs of slowing up. 

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