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Twitter Launches Vine Kids for iPhone

Hand Picked Vines For Kids 


You can understand why Vine, the massively popular video-sharing app currently owned by Twitter would appeal of children. Recording six second long videos is an art unto itself and the most popular ones tend to involve adults messing around as if they were children. The trouble is that Vine doesn't really have any filtration system against inappropriate content. 

Now though, Twitter have launched Vine Kids, a version that retains the central concept but does away with all the swearing, twerking and anything else that might not be suitable for younger eyeballs. It’s been released for free on iOS.

The app was developed during a ‘Hack Week’ when the employees take a break from standard work in order to focus on side-projects. It stemmed from a statement by one of them about how he wished his two year-old daughter could access all the child-friendly material more easily. You can see here getting to grips with the new version below.

Other than being the most adorable thing in the history of things, the video gives you a glimpse of the app’s interface. The standard version has basic, vertical scrolling feed, Vine Kids uses animated characters, who will guide the kids using the app to swipe left/right. It also has a library of funny sounds which play when the screen is tapped. 

Rather than operating via an automatic filtration system, the videos are hand-picked, based on how appropriate they are. At present, the videos largely consist of animals doing funny things, animation, and Elmo. Vine already traffics in over 1 billion ‘loops’ every day from a 100 million-strong monthly user-base and doing more to meet the younger audience isn't going to harm that momentum. 

Whether or not it’s entirely healthy for children to be using smartphones/tablets any more regularly is another debate, but given that so many of the most popular apps out can and do appeal to children, it’s nice to see Vine taking that on board and doing more to  address it.

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