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Twitter Launches Live Test of Full-Screen and Live Reactions

Twitter is planning to launch a live test on iOS that will enable users to choose ‘Quote Tweet with the reaction’ to create and customize a unique Tweet take.

As you can see in this example below, with the new option, users will be able to add a full-screen video or image to respond to a tweet, with the original tweet then embedded in the visual.

The option essentially takes the key elements from Fleets, its failed Stories clone, and re-purposes them within the regular tweet experience.

Along a similar line, Twitter’s also testing an updated text editor option for tweets, which would enable you to add more color and presence to your comments.

The larger visual format also aligns with Twitter’s updated layout for Explore, also currently in testing, which enables users to vertically scroll through full-screen tweets to catch up on the latest updates.

Twitter explore test

The influence of TikTok here is clear, and with that app now on track to reach 1.5 billion users in 2022 – more than 7x Twitter’s current audience - that approach does make some sense.

Twitter is working to add 50% more users over the next two years, and while new CEO Parag Agrawal will have his own ideas about stimulating growth, and bringing in more users, he has stated that he’s committed to achieving the company’s previously stated targets under Jack Dorsey.

That’ll be a big ask, especially given that Twitter has only added 12 million users over the past year. It’ll need to more than triple that growth rate to achieve its goals, which will likely see it push more new experiments like this in order to see what, if anything, sticks.

And this one does make more sense than, say, Fleets, which were an add-on to the traditional tweet experience. The problem with Fleets was that it took people out of the flow from the main, real-time feed, and maybe, by incorporating the same functionality into the regular process, that will make it more appealing.

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