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Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse; Is Twitter Spaces Already The New Clubhouse?


Most people have now heard of Clubhouse, an audio-based social network that allows you to create "events" they call Rooms" and bring people interested in your topic or it allows you to attend those events "Rooms"

You can read all about Clubhouse in my previous article, but what is Twitter Spaces and what is the right one for me, Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.
Twitter Spaces are live audio conversations on Twitter, to compare it is maybe like an online meetup (meetup.com) but only audio, not video and on Twitter. You need at least 600 followers to create a Space.

People already come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening. They follow people for their Tweets already, and they already have an audience built, followers.

The 2 circles together show a Space happening

Or you may see the post about the Space happening

Spaces, lets you hear their voices and discuss with those people you follow already. From Tweeting to talking, reading to listening, Spaces encourages and unlocks real, open conversations on Twitter with the authenticity and nuance, depth, and power only the human voice can bring. Spaces are for small and intimate conversations with just a few others, or for big discussions about what’s unfolding right now with thousands of listeners. From connecting to your favorite musician to a post-show about the game or a recap of news that just dropped, dig into the topics and conversations you care about with people you know and people you want to know.

With the early popularity of Clubhouse and the imminent launch of Twitter Spaces, it looks like social audio is here to stay. With Twitter, Spaces feels like an improvement of its existing product: by adding a voice dimension to text-only conversations, it makes the platform feel more intimate and human.

TwitterSpaces vs Clubhouse

Twitter has about 350 million users. Clubhouse is still a very new startup, however, and is in the 10-15 million user range.

1. Twitter Spaces has Emojis to show opinion and interact in a conversation without using the microphone.

2. If you already have followers on Twitter your followers will be notified that you opened a space but in Clubhouse you need to build up followers.

3. Twitter spaces is like having a drink with clients or friends where you can talk freely, interrupting sometimes but adding to the discussion respectfully but feel more friendly. In Clubhouse there is a feeling of restriction and it is all done in a way that people talk and you listen, not really as a free conversation, you can do it but it is not the way is normally done.

4. On Twitter everyone is at the same level, you know who hosts it but there is no separation, no stage.

5. You can run paid spaces, Clubhouse is rolling out that soon.

6. It is not exclusive so people don't have to be invited to be part of Clubhouse and attend your meeting online.

7. Twitter has made its social audio platform Spaces accessible through web browsers. Participants will no longer need to rely on the iOS and Android Twitter apps, and can join rooms from mobile or desktop browsers, giving Twitter Spaces a new lead on Clubhouse, to use Clubhouse and attend a Room you can only do it through the app on your phone.

8. It is easier to promote or notify anyone on Twitter about it, if you mention @TwitterSpaces, this account will retweet your Space tweet post promotion, and you can use the hashtag #TwitterSpaces as well in the post about your Space happening. This gives a much bigger reach for Spaces because people that look for Spaces can just look on @TwitterSpaces or just use the #TwitterSpaces to see what Spaces are happening at that moment.
On Clubhouse only your followers get a notification and you have to promote it on your social media or database or any other way of marketing you prefer.

9. You can record your Twitter Spaces and use them as podcasts.

10. You can actually have a little box at the top of your chat, so you can push in tweets to the people in the meeting.

11. After all the new updates of Clubhouse, it is much easier to build a following on Twitter than on Clubhouse but if you were in Clubhouse last year or beginning of this year, you would have been able to make a huge following and you could put more people in your Meetings/Rooms.

12. Twitter has a host of investors including All Blue Capital, DFJ Growth, Slow Ventures, Alwaleed Bin Talal, ESO Fund and many more. On the other hand, Clubhouse has raised a total of $110 million from Kortschak, Andressen Horowitz and Tim Kendall.

13. On Twitter Spaces you can have Live discussions about a Tweet and another feature to mention, that Clubhouse does not have is, you can even have live transcripts.

Either way, it’s early days for social audio.

There are more than 30 social audio startups, and no winners with a competitive moat yet. The winner will be the platform that enables creators to prosper.

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