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Collision 2021 Masterclass: Jumpstart your Business on TikTok

Source: TikTok For Business

Nik Djukic, TikTok Canada's group director of brand partnerships, and special guests Sana and Will Saleh, founders of Lala Hijabs, just hosted a masterclass on how to bring and grow your business on TikTok. They explored how to get started on the platform and how to build your brand on the app. Djukic outlined a step-by-step guide to "setting your business up for success on TikTok" under the hashtag ReadySetGrow.  

The first step is simply to download and explore you TikTok FYP, outside of a business perspective. He explained that TikTok's addictive nature is based on it's simple concept of "watch, scroll and like." Part of this first step, is to explore the trending hashtags, and then progress onto the business focused hashtags. Exploring business focused hashtags will allow you to discover what kind of content other businesses are putting out there, and you'll be inspired when you start to produce your own business content. Through hashtag exploration, you'll see that TikTok is a "platform filled with educational content." 

Step two is upgrading to a free business account, which will open up business-based tools. You'll be able to "view real-time metrics on content performance to make data-driven decisions," "get insights into your follower base and understand who they are," "add information about your business including your official website and contact information," and finally you'll have "access to 100,000+ sounds in TikTok's commercial music library" to allow to create the most effective content possible. Djukic then showed us a video on how easy it is to switch from a normal to business account.

The third step is to create your first piece of organic content, to which he said that the "best TikTok content is authentic and imperfect." TikTok have the SMB Resource Centre, where small businesses can access tips and tricks of TikTok marketing and advertising. You can also find advice and inspiration on the below social media platforms: 

TikTok: @TikTokBusiness

Facebook: TikTok for Business

Instagram: @tiktok.forbusiness 

The fourth (and final) step is introducing ads onto you videos, where you will "meet your business goals and connect with new audiences." The e-Commerce site, Shopify, has integrated with TikTok, to give its users the best possible chance of being able to take their Shopify store onto TikTok, while keeping on  Shopify (as the the brand focuses heavily on every aspect of your business being in one place). Through this integration you can track performance and share customer data with TikTok. Bringing TikTok's creative tools to Shopify allows business owners to build the right videos for their store, whereby "thinking beyond traditional market tactics." It only seems fitting that TikTok and Shopify are working together, when they both have such an influence in the e-Commerce industry. 

Screenshot from the Collision masterclass

After laying out the step-by-step guide to growing your business on TikTok, guest stars Sana and Will Saleh, founders of Lala Hijabs, shared their first-hand experience with creating a lockdown TikTok business. 

TikTok: Lala Hijabs

The pandemic inspired them to start the hijab business - Sana was following the tie dye trend on TikTok for fun, when Will lost his job due to the pandemic, so they put two-and-two together, and started a hijab business, marketed entirely on TikTok, through their relatable and homely content. Their goal behind the the business was to humanise Muslims around the world, by creating beautiful hijabs, and their marketing goal was to humanise their business through their TikToks. When asked what their learning curves were to running their own business, they answered "everything, from start to finish," but they "learned from other businesses on TikTok."   

By Abigail Gamble 

A recent BA English graduate, who loves to travel and the theatre. 




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