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Web Summit 2020: Day 1 Highlights


Today our team was absolutely delighted to be attending the first day of the Web Summit as press. The online nature of this year's summit due to coronavirus was an impressive conference platform where pretty much everything that happens offline was there apart from the personal offline experience and meeting people in a networking environment that brings a completely different experience, but we have to praise the Web Summit for developing their own tool and organising speakers, attendees and the press to learn how to use it through a set of webinars they run before the summit. 

One particular feature of this year's summit that received particular praise on Twitter was the "mingle" function, allowing the event-goers to mix and chat among themselves as they would at the event, but in a speed-dating style format online. An almost nostalgic experience was reminiscent of Omegle at its height.  

There were some notable celebrity speakers who received much attention, like former One Direction member Liam Payne, who gave great insights about his experience as a musician in pandemic times using technology from home to do what he does and his experience with TikTok. He feels that this app has brought him closer to his audience on a very personal level. He believes that social media in pandemic times and technology has brought us closer as a society.

Social Songbird wrote an article some years ago on another member of One Direction find the article here

Today Headlines:

President of the EU Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen, who was one of the speakers in the opening of the event, spoke on the need for social media platforms to take more responsibility.

Slack was bought by Salesforce and how the pandemic has changed the way users make use of it and new tools and updates that will be needed for their users even after the pandemic.

Tumblr was also bought by WordPress and how Tumblr has seen a huge spike in activity due to coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement and increased social activism posts. 

Facebook is investing in applications that can be used for healthcare at no profit just sharing their IP.

Dino Kuckovic of Falcon.io, did 2 great talks and one fo them about their tool to manage social media, we are planning to have an interview with the founder and a review of the tool. They received huge praise on Twitter, and from our team on his accessibility and sense of humour.

For more information please check the individual articles.

The first day of the 2020 Web Summit has proven to be a result of great planning and organisation, hectic as always for all the press involved but it has been overwhelmingly well-received for its adjustment to the Pandemic. 

Many of the speakers of course broached the topic and how it has affected our relationship with technology. Here at Social Songbird, we can't wait for the second day to begin, I'm sure many others feel the same.    

Jack Glidewell

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