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8 Writing Tactics to Create Great Social Media Posts

Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool- if you know how to use it. Nowadays, every brand, business, and the company has social media accounts on all the major platforms, and so should you. But, it’s not enough for you to just build profiles on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You need to know how to make the most of them. This is why you need to learn how to create great social media content.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list with 8 best and most important writing tactics for creating great social media posts. Let’s take a closer look together.

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  1. Address Your Audience

To be successful in social media, you need to put your target audience first. Hopefully, you’ve already done some proper targeting and decided who your audience is.

Now it’s time to make them stop scrolling and read your social media posts.

One of the best ways to do it, so address your audience directly:

  • “Hey, you!”
  • You are our top priority…”
  • “We want to help you find exactly what you need…”
  • “We want to hear your opinion…”

 Make sure the readers feel like you’re talking directly to them, and you’ll have their full attention.

  1. Speak the Right Language

Not only should you address your readers, but you should also learn how to speak their language. Depending on your target audience, you’ll have to adjust the way you write.

To put it simply, you can’t write the same for a target audience of young, single moms, or businessmen over 50, right?

Make sure to consider:

  • the right vocabulary
  • level of informality
  • level of humour
  • technical terminology
  • jargon

Adjust your writing to your audience's sensibility, and you'll make sure that they read it with ease and enjoyment.

  1. Ask Questions

The goal of every social media post that you write is to engage your followers and have them communicate with you. Asking questions is a simple but super effective way to get them actively engaged.

Create social media posts that ask your audience question, such as:

  • their opinion
  • their approval/disapproval
  • their suggestions
  • their experience

The question is supposed to get them thinking and possibly even writing in your comments section, so get creative:

  • Do you feel like you need a change?
  • Are you with us?
  • What’s your favourite style?

Keep them active and engaged by using the questions they’ll want to answer.

  1. Use CTAs 

CTAs are another valuable addition to your social media strategy and should be among your top choices for social media posts.

It’s simple- your audience wants to hear exactly what you want them to do.

CTAs, as a part of your social media posts, are supposed to invite them to:

  • like
  • share
  • leave a comment
  • tag a friend
  • head to your website
  • buy a product

Whether your goal is to have them visit your website or buy your new product, CTAs will help you out.

Just think of a catchy, powerful phrase, and share a CTA that will help you accomplish your goal for each new post.

  1. Simplify Things

Social media is a quickly-changing environment in which every scroll brings dozens of new images, videos, or pieces of content.

There is no room for boring, monotonous posts since nobody wants to waste their time. This is why you have to make your posts simple and much more appealing.

Simplicity means that you should:

  • write short, concise sentences
  •  break down your text using bullet points and creating lists
  • avoid huge chunks of text
  • use emoji

Brainstorm for new ideas and find the simplest way to present them.   

Simplicity will allow your potential readers to scan the post and (hopefully) decide they like it and want to pay more attention.

Otherwise, they’ll just skip it and move to more interesting posts.

  1. Don’t Forget About Branding

Whether you’re using social media for a personal brand or your company’s image, you need to show who you are and stay true to yourself.

Branding on social media means showing consistency in:

  • brand colours
  • personality
  • voice
  • visuals 

You need to make sure your followers instantly recognize your brand on all social media platforms, just by glancing at your post.

source: Pexels 

  1. Provide True Value

The best way to ensure you keep your followers for the long haul is to share valuable information on your social media posts. 

Everything you publish should be of some use to your followers:

  • latest data and news
  • practical tips and pieces of advice
  • important announcements
  • solutions to their pain points
  • informative content
  • trending topics

In case you might be struggling with writing high-quality social media content, you could always check out this best paper writing site. They can help you out with the entire writing process.

  1. Create Infographics

If you have great information you want to share, but you want to make it more fun and interesting, you should create infographics.

They’ll help you deliver information in a fresh, visually appealing manner. Use it to share:

  • statistics
  • numbers
  • data
  • survey results
  • study results

It’s a brilliant way to present information without boring the hell out of your followers.

Final Thoughts

Writing social media posts requires some strategizing and planning. Still, with the right guidance and some tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have no trouble doing it.

Hopefully, you’ll find the tips we’ve shared practical and useful. Apply them to your social media strategy and make it more effective and successful.

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