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How Can Facebook Ads Boost Your Business' Online Presence

Online presence is an essential marketing element for a business to be successful. One of the ways to boost the online presence of a business is through Facebook Ads, which appear in the News Feed on both desktop and mobile.

In this post, you'll learn how Facebook Ads can help boost your business' online presence. In that way, you can make better social marketing decisions for a thriving business.

FB Ads: Boost Online Presence Using Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel refers to a code that is placed on a website, which gathers information about the site. It helps track conversions, optimize ads, create targeted audiences, and remarket brand using Facebook ads. Also, Facebook Pixel is a great tool to use to optimize your CBO Facebook Ads.

But how does Facebook pixel work? Any action taken by a website visitor triggers Facebook Pixel, and the action generates a report. In that way, you'll know if a customer took any action after viewing your FB Ad.

Here are the good-to-know facts about Facebook Pixel and boosting your online presence:
       Track Cross-Device Conversion: Facebook Pixel measures cross-device conversions. You might have different performance results with desktop and mobile devices. Facebook Pixel will help you understand the influence of devices in gaining a higher conversion rate so that you can make changes or improvements as necessary.
       Optimize for Conversion: Facebook Pixel helps businesses optimize for the audience with a higher probability of converting to actual customers.
       Optimize FB Ads Delivery: With Facebook Pixel, you can optimize the delivery of Facebook Ads to those people who will likely take action.
       Target the Right Audience: Facebook Pixel ensures that your Facebook ads are viewed by the right audience who will likely take action.
       Create Custom Audiences: Retargeting website visitors is possible with Facebook Pixel, allowing you to create effective Facebook ads with the help of custom audiences.
       Dynamic Facebook Ads: It will help automatically display your products or posts to the Facebook page of your website visitors.
       Track User Behavior: From your Facebook Pixel dashboard, you can measure website traffic and get great insights about how online users use your website.

FB Ads: Engage Using Facebook Audience

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a Facebook Ad campaign, it's not how many people your FB Ads reached but rather how they are engaged with your content. Even if your ads reached millions of customers but there’s no engagement, then still, it won't create a marked improvement in your sales and marketing results.

With Facebook Audiences, it is possible to create segments and build your target audiences according to the interactions online users do with your Facebook Ads and Facebook Page. In that way, you'll be able to target only those people who are willing to engage with you.

Here are the various custom audiences website owners can create, including the best time to use them:

       Target All Users Who Have Engaged With Your Content or Page: You can do this by choosing your Facebook Page. Select “Everyone Who Engaged With Your Page” from the drop-down list. You can choose the duration that you want your Facebook Ads to show on Facebook. Generally, the longer the duration, the greater the reach or, the larger the audience. Facebook will take about 30 minutes to populate your selected audience.
       Narrow Your Target Audience: It will show a list of custom audiences of people who visited your FB page. Boosting your online presence is better using this custom audience ability so you can implement direct-response campaigns to encourage people to take action, like contacting you via Messenger or downloading a coupon. 

FB Ads: Quality Posts for Optimum Online Presence Boost
Social media marketing can significantly affect a customer's decision. It's seemingly easy to create any Facebook Ads and use Facebook Ads manager to post them on specific schedules, targeting your desired audience.
However, the quality of your FB Ads is very important. Of course, you don't want to put your marketing budget to waste. It's better to also pay close attention to the quality of your Facebook Ads to gain the trust and confidence of social media users.

Here are the great qualities of an effective Facebook Ad:
       Engaging: Social media channels, like Facebook, is for engagement and not for merely promoting products and services. Create entertaining FB Ads, like videos, infographics, and images that speak not only about your company or brand.
       Informative: Provide useful information or posts that can be beneficial to your target audience to increase the likelihood of sharing your content with their families and friends.
       Not Overly Advertorial: Keep your FB Ads subtle and more personalized than commercials, like what you see on TV ads.


Facebook offers a lot of tools for marketers and advertisers to use. For a successful marketing campaign, you can use Facebook Pixel to track conversions and user actions. Also, Facebook Audience can help you narrow down your audience so you can engage with your FB Page visitors who will likely take action or purchase your product or avail your services.

by Social Songbird Team

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