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[Missed it?] Instagram Lets Brands Turn Influencer's Posts Into Ads

Since June 17th Instagram is allowing Brands to turn influencer's posts into paid ads that can reach a wider audience. Influencers who create posts using the image-sharing app's "paid partnership" tool will see an option that says "allow my business partner to boost," Instagram announced in a blog post.
The idea came up after the FTC cracked down on Instagram partnerships between Influencers reviewing products and the brands in 2017. As we know many people become influencers by reviewing products and saying which are the best after testing them all. The FTC stepped in after it became clear that some influencers were being paid to say that certain products were the best and the highest bidder would receive the best review. Those were seen as dishonest reviews and non-impartial tests, which caused a decrease in the credibility of Instagram reviewers.
This affected both, the influencer and the influencer's audience because honest reviewers could not differentiate themselves from the paid ones and the followers didn't know what was real and what was influenced by the brand's investment in the influencer.
Then the strategy to use the hashtag #ad was implemented to differentiate them, but was that enough? What about sponsored Instagram Stories? Did you have to disclose a partnership even if you weren’t paid?
As more and more businesses turned to influencers to promote their products on Instagram, it became more important than ever to know the FTC’s rules and to find a way to get it right for everyone; brands, influencers and their followers.
Now since June brands are given the chance to appear in the feeds and Stories of a broader group of Instagram users, even those who don't follow the influencer or brand. Before the change, brands were limited to reaching only the followers of a particular influencer with a sponsored video or image.
William Soulier, CEO and co-founder of Talent Village commented:
“This is something we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. The functionality will add more credibility to influencer marketing and enable it to be far more integrated into an overall digital marketing strategy, rather than a standalone one-off channel.
It will also open up the doors for other amplification opportunities that brands may have been a little reticent to progress up until now. These opportunities, such as repurposing influencer content to digital out of home, or even repurposing this content as display ads, is something we’ve been working on with our clients recently with great success. Ultimately this new functionality will make this strategy even more appealing to brands and allow an even better return on investment.
Having the stamp of the influencer on an ad is always going to build more trust, authenticity and credibility for a brand, and notably, it will put influencers even more at the centre of brand marketing strategies.”
So how do you create Branded Content Ads and how do you work with influencers?
Learn how to use this strategy right here step by step:

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