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How to Leverage AI In Marketing

Slowly but surely artificial intelligence is finding its place in almost every industry - from healthcare and pharmacy to transportation and manufacturing. According to predictions, artificial intelligence will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in the following decade. But many business owners are still not sure about how to use AI to improve their day-to-day processes. If you are still struggling to find a perfect application of AI, read this post. It will give you a few ideas about how to use AI to improve your company. 

Chatbots for Around the Clock Customer Service

Until recently chatbots were an interesting concept, burdened with many limitations. Chatbots sounded like robots and had a difficult time answering even relatively simple questions. However, improvements have been made and nowadays, chatbots can communicate with customers almost as naturally as a human customer service representative. With a template readily available, you don’t have to spend a lot of your own time teaching it what to do either. Chatbots are particularly popular among small companies which don’t have the money to hire round-the-clock customer service team, but they are becoming increasingly accepted by large companies as well.
According to Business Insider, it’s expected that 80% of companies add AI-powered chatbot solutions to their website until 2020. Chatbots are an affordable and efficient alternative able to answer customer questions, provide round-the-clock service and always refer to clients in a timely and professional manner. Chatbots can be easily integrated into various messaging platforms such as Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, so you won't need any kind of technical knowledge to add the technology to your site.

Sorting Out Leads with AI

Everyone who’s ever worked in sales know how difficult it can be to find qualified leads. AI technology can help you out by gathering an abundance of data to analyse customers’ buying habits and find qualified leads while discarding less ideal prospects. Artificial intelligence can gather data from a variety of sources such as social media, browsing history or chatbots. No company no matter how big, can afford a team of people who will go through hundreds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts to create buyer personas and discover leads, but AI tools can do that quickly and efficiently while leaving more time to your sales team to actually sell.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with AI

Amazon was one of the first companies to use AI in marketing to offer product suggestions to users visiting their site. Amazon used the power of AI to gather data about browsing behaviours, previous purchases and the items that other customers who viewed a certain item bought, to create sophisticated, personalised suggestions for their clients. That's how they helped millions of clients find exactly what they were looking for on their site. Other companies use AI-enchased email marketing to prevent their marketing emails from going to spam and boosting their email opening rates. Both methods can significantly improve your marketing since personalised content has much better chances of reaching customers than generic ads and bulk emails.

AI-Powered Analytics for Better Decision-Making

In today’s digital world we are able to gather more information about our clients than ever. Certain global companies, for example, have hundreds of thousands of customers visiting their shops worldwide. But these large amounts of data are impossible to analyse manually. And that’s where AI technology comes in. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms can easily analyse almost an unlimited amount of data and provide business owners and managers with the insights they need to make the right decisions.

Make AI Work for Your Company

AI technology can drastically improve any business but you have to be willing to experiment and find the tools fit for your needs. Building an AI infrastructure requires professional engagement from various experts including developers, data scientists, data mappers as well as necessary machines. Building AI tools can be expensive and complicated which is why it's recommendable to hire a reliable AI partner to support your growth.

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