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The Final End of Google+ Due To Users'​ Data Left Exposed

Google has announced that data in Google+ that people thought was private has been accessible by third parties. This has brought Google+ to an end and immediately affected shares value in Google's parent company Alphabet by 1.23%.

A couple of years ago, Google announced that Google + was not any more a social network but just one more tool of Google for people to communicate and share information.

Google+ was launched in 2011 and fast enough they know it would not compete with Facebook, due to the lack of interaction and it did not achieve broad consumer or developer adoption. Now 90% of Google+ user sessions are less than 5 seconds.
Many say Google+ became almost a copy of Facebook; the design and structure became pretty much the same, profile picture on the left of the long cover picture and the timeline, groups and pages.

Some say, it took too long to adapt to mobile users, but if you ever used Google+ at the very beginning, before it became almost a copy of Facebook, it was a great idea and place to connect.  You were able to make your own circles of friends and connections and you could invite people to be part of your circles, some may say that it was like having groups, but there was something about it, which made it different to the others. Some may say that if Google+ kept its original form, it might have stayed with us for longer.
And what about bad timing, Google+ was launch just when Facebook was going global.

Google has a history trying to make it into the social networks ring, Google Buzz, Google Wave and a few others. In 2005 Google bought Dodgeball which it discontinued in 2009. There is one that almost made it; Orkut, which almost had its moment, just ask Brasil and India where the site actually introduced the masses to social networking. In Brazil, Orkut reached 30 million users at one point. Then Facebook entered the market in 2011, ahead of its eventual IPO, and Brazilians never looked back. Of course, we cannot ignore the success of YouTube, Google’s best opportunities in social media, if it can get its users to register and log in.

Nowadays it does not come as a surprise that Google+ finally comes to an end due to data protection issues. What I wondering now is if Google will consider creating a social network again.

It is hard to believe that a giant like Google has found hard to compete with Facebook, but many of us wonder if they will try again in the future.
Some say Google Executives came over to Mark Zuckerberg's dorm-room in Palo Alto to see if there might be a chance to work with or even acquire TheFacebook,” in its early days, reported by Kirkpatrick in The Facebook Effect.

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