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Instagram Enable Shopping via Stories

Nowadays ease-of-use is a major selling point for any social media platform, not just for the user but also any potential advertisers. An advert without a link will see much less success than one which allows direct shopping at the click of a button, or the tap of a screen. Instagram obviously recognise this fact, as they announced earlier this week that users will now be able to shop directly from Instagram’s Stories.

Instagram’s announcement read, “Instagram isn’t just a place of inspiration, it’s also a place of action, and we know that inspiration can come from anywhere. On Instagram Stories, when you see a sticker with a shopping bag icon tap on it to see more details about that product.

“From Adidas and Aritzia to Louis Vuitton, people have been able to shop from their favourite brands around the world, and now you can shop these businesses in Instagram Stories.”

The move makes sense for a platform like Instagram, which is heavily populated by fashion bloggers, makeup tutorials and influencers from a wide variety of fields. The Stories of many better-known Instagram stars are basically ongoing adverts anyway, so allowing the user to easily buy any advertised products does seem like a logical step.

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