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YouTube TV Launches First Digital-Native Networks in Form of Two Channels from Cheddar

Google-owned YouTube TV has established itself fairly well in the video-streaming market, bringing more than 50 traditional television channels to its thousands upon thousands of subscribers. Clearly not satisfied with their current offerings however, the streaming platform has now expanded to include its first ever digital-native networks with the addition of two channels from post-cable network Cheddar.

YouTube TV will now broadcast content from Cheddar, the network’s flagship financial news channel, and Cheddar Big News, which deals with a broader and more general range of topics.

“Cheddar’s emphasis on tech and media news coverage makes it a strong fit for the millennial tech-savvy audience that also loves YouTube TV,” said Christian Oestlien, Director of Product for YouTube TV, in a statement about the launch. “From Closing Bell reports live from the floor of the NYSE stock exchange on Cheddar to headline news on Cheddar Big News, Cheddar will bring new and insightful news content to YouTube TV.”

First noticed by Variety, the addition of the two new channels is sure to help YouTube TV to stand out in what has become quite the crowded market due to the uncommon nature of the pairing of both traditional and digital channels on a single network. They are not however the first to do so, as Cheddar’s financial news channel is already available on rival platform Sling TV with Cheddar Big News expected to follow soon. The same two channels will reportedly also be added to the line-up of another streaming service, Philo, in the near future.

The new additions do of course come with a cost, in this case a literal one. Last month, YouTube TV raised the price of its base package to $40 per month for new customers while maintaining the introductory $35 monthly price for existing subscribers – a decision reportedly made in order to allow them to better fall in line with their completion. The timing however suggests that this new deal and perhaps others like it may have had something to do with the price hike.

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