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YouTube Launch Pilot Program Intended to Reduce False-Positives in Demonetisation System

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YouTube have had a fair amount of trouble stemming from their advertising and monetisation policies as of late. It all began when ads for countless branded products and services sprang up alongside racist, extremist, or otherwise inappropriate content hosted on the platform. Said brands began to pull their advertisements en masse and so YouTube implemented a new set of guidelines to fix the issue; however these new guidelines drew the ire of users for flagging perfectly innocent content as harmful and subsequently demonetising the videos in question. Once again YouTube were forced to implement updates to resolve the issue, and now they’re taking that one step further with the introduction of a brand new ‘Self Certification’ system which they are hoping will help to finally resolve the issue.

As part of a wider update on the company’s priorities for the year ahead, company chief Susan Wojcicki announced the launch of the pilot scheme, which will be tested by a select group of creators. The new system will ask creators to provide “specific information about what’s in their video as it relates to [YouTube’s] advertiser-friendly guidelines”. Basically if you know that your video contains material that may be flagged as inappropriate by YouTube’s algorithms, but feel this would be unjust, you can notify the company of this in advance and are thereby less likely to have your video demonetised.

Algorithms and human review will of course still have a role to play in the identification of inappropriate content, as the company acknowledges that some dishonest individuals may lie about or downplay the harmful nature of their videos.

“In an ideal world,” said Ms Wojcicki, “we’ll eventually get to a state where creators across the platform are able to accurately represent what’s in their videos so that their insights, combined with those of our algorithmic classifiers and human reviewers, will make the monetization process much smoother with fewer false positive demonetizations.”

More information regarding the pilot system and what exactly it will entail can be found in the sneak peak below - released by YouTube earlier this month.

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