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Clean Up Your Profile - Recruiters more likely to Check Your Instagram or Facebook than LinkedIn

When it comes to using social media for professional purposes LinkedIn is arguably the first platform to spring to mind, and for good reason. LinkedIn differentiated itself from its rivals from launch by focusing on our professional lives rather than our personal ones, becoming a hub for networking and recruitment. As such those who were interested in portraying themselves to potential employers and/or clients in a particular way spent the time to carefully curate the content of their profiles; however a newly published study from job search site Simply Hired suggests that LinkedIn may not be the best platform to focus on after all.

The study found that while just 29% of hiring managers will look at an applicant’s LinkedIn profile when discerning their viability as a candidate, 38% will scour through other social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. While this may seem somewhat illogical given that LinkedIn was created specifically for purposes such as these, the reasoning given by recruiters does make sense.

The problem as far as LinkedIn is concerned is that when applying for a job, you will in most cases have supplied the recruiter with a copy of your CV. LinkedIn profiles often mirror these documents and offer little else in the way of insight into the person in question. Sites such as Instagram and Facebook, which are generally used in an entirely different manner, give them a better idea of who you really are.

“LinkedIn is a great platform, but if you have someone’s resume, you’re probably not going to find much else about them; it’s pretty replicated,” says Carly Johnson, Project Manager at Simply Hired. “Instagram and Facebook show a living, breathing person. It’s great to have a second level of information.”

Furthermore, posts, comments and even who people choose to follow on social media can offer valuable insight into their core beliefs, quirks and overarching personality. They can also reveal potential problems or red flags. “You want to make sure candidates aren’t rude or offensive toward people,” says Ms Johnson. “Also, do their personal opinions fit with your culture?”

While far from all recruiters will look at social media platforms when hiring, the study did reveal that more are opting to do so that previously thought. In line with this revelation, Ms Johnson offers a warning:

“If you have a public account, you’re better safe than sorry,” she says. “Make sure you’re comfortable with anyone seeing what you’re posting, from a friend to a future employer.”

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