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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Your Success May Depend on It

In our ever-evolving quest to find which social networks best serve our commercial purposes and how they may do so, I find myself falling back on my personal first commandment: “Always be positive”.

In this I do not mean that we should engineer false positivity or actively lie for the sake of diplomacy; it is about looking for the best in each person, each situation, and each proposal. Excellence can often be found in not absent-mindedly discarding things that may seem crazy or silly at first glance.

When in the 70s the idea of ​​a personal computer was presented, few large companies wanted to invest in it; they wondered who could possibly want or need something like this at home. The managers of Xerox laughed when the first mouse was presented and the brains of Apple bought the patent for very little money. Decisions like this where prejudices arise early and make us think only of criticisms are the real obstacles to our goal. The important thing is to overcome that moment and view all the angles of the proposal. Is there something that interests my audience? What is the potential market for the product?

Here you have to dream a little and look forward to what may be. That means seeing beyond the obvious, looking for possibilities where we only see realities. Every person has the potential to be something else; every idea also shares this trait. The important thing then is to look for that non-obvious potential, for what would the world be without dreams or ambitions? Sometimes we may see only a brick, where others will see how the sum of those bricks and other elements can create the harmony of the best architecture.

Again, the important thing is to be positive and proactive in our efforts to improve our existence with different visions, to have an open mind as to what the world can offer. In this way we will learn that it is not only about ideas, it is about creating a new way of seeing the world, not as a reality but as a possibility. Everyone tells us that we must keep our feet on the ground - that we must be realistic - but we know that the world belongs to dreamers, those who make us see that this place can be much more than it is.

So let’s join the dreamers and be positive people. Those who believe in you and your ideas will be the best guarantee of your success, so it is important to surround yourself with these people. For this, the world works both ways; they will believe in you if you believe in them. It is a society of mutual value, where we reflect our ideas in others and thus the future is being implemented. That does not mean that we should stop being critical altogether, rather that we should do so in a constructive manner. It is very easy to speak badly of others - it is more difficult to offer support and solidarity. If we leave aside this selfish thought we can be much more successful simply because others will want us to be.

As the Pythons famously sang, “Always look on the bright side of life”.

Luis Del Prado - Contributor

Luis is a scriptwriter, teacher and journalist for newspapers and magazines in Lima, Peru.

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