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YouTube Tweak Advertising Algorithm in Wake of Backlash against Recent Guideline Changes

You may recall that a few months back, YouTube hit a major controversy when ads for hundreds of branded products and services began appearing alongside hateful, racist and/or extremist content. Said brands began to pull their advertisements from YouTube’s platform en masse, which of course resulted in a significant hit to the website’s revenue. In response, YouTube implemented a brand new set of guidelines designed to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Problem solved? Well, not quite.

While the change in advertising guidelines was somewhat successful in regards to its initial intent, many popular and established YouTubers found that their perfectly innocent videos were no longer running with ads because they were flagged as not being “family friendly”. Once again YouTube was facing mass criticism, with many content creators admitting outright confusion regarding what exactly would cause their videos to be flagged in such a manner.

In response, YouTube launched a feature whereby users could appeal any flagged content they feel was misclassified in the hope of providing further transparency; appealed videos would then receive a human review, with the decisions of those appeals being incorporated into the learning algorithm thereby enabling it to make better decisions in the future. Now it seems that the millions of reviews already conducted via this appeal process have helped to train and improve this technology to the point where progress can be made. To this end, YouTube have announced an important update to their algorithms which they assert should result in “a 30% reduction in the number of videos receiving limited ads as they move to being fully monetized. In other words, millions more videos will become fully monetized.”

The update rolled out at 2:30pm PT on 26th October, although YouTube did state in their release regarding the announcement that while each area of the Creator Studio is updated, users may experience some issues with the ‘Limited Ads’ feature. This issue however should not last long.

YouTube and their loyal creators alike will be sincerely hoping that this update has a substantial effect in terms of correcting current issues; in the meantime however users are urged to continue to appeal any videos they feel have been misjudged, as this will only help better train the algorithm.

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