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Snapchat Tweak Their Sharing & Ghost Mode Features

Earlier this week, Snapchat brought an update to their iOS app; here's the low-down on the tweaks they've made concerning sharing and privacy.

While Android already had this option, iOS users can now share links to Snapchat from third-party apps, such as Chrome, Safari and Twitter. When you see something you want to share to a friend or group chat on Snapchat, simply select the yellow-ghost icon we all know and love from the iOS share sheet, and it'll redirect you to the app to share your link. 

This eliminates the process of copying and pasting which users had to do before, making the process more direct and convienient. This feature could boost Snapchat as a legitimate source of referral traffic for websites and brands, upping its influence and reach to external sources out of the app.

The second new feature is one which effects Snap Maps. As we all know, you can view where your mates are on Snap Maps if they choose to make themselves visible. The Ghost-Mode is great for those who want their privacy settings amped up, and while before it was soley an on-off situation, you can now enable Ghost Mode temporarily, for either three hours or twenty-four hours.

This tweak is similar to how WhatsApp use location sharing; last week we covered their launch of 'Live Location', which allows users to share their location for fifteen minutes, one hour or eight hours.

The final little update, as written above in the App Store's update page, is that you can now view your friend's story by holding their name, wherever you are on the app, not just on the Stories page. 

What are your thoughts on the update?

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