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If You're Not Into Messenger's Fancy Features, Get Messenger Lite

If you're an iPhone user, look away now, as you'll read how great Messenger Lite is and find out that - spoiler alert- it's only available on Android. I know, it sucks; I went to download it on my iPhone 6S to try it out for this article, and was saddened to see it wasn't available on the App store. However, for all you lucky Android users, here's the low-down on Messenger Lite.

Like Facebook Lite (which we covered a couple years back, also only available on Android), Messenger Lite is a lightweight, stripped-back version of the standard Messenger app. It's for those who live in areas with poor mobile data services (2G networks), such as rural areas or developing countries with less advanced internet connectivity. The whole idea of the 'Lite' versions of the app is to make Facebook accessible to all, whether they're in a Wi-Fi-rich city or less-connected rural area.

So, what features are on Messenger Lite?

On Lite, you can message anyone on Facebook like the standard version, including group chats. You can still call your contacts over Wi-Fi, send photos, voice notes, thumbs up and stickers (they just won't be animated).

The only things you can't do on Lite is play games, send GIFs, video chat and use the extra extensions like the Apple Music one we talked about last week. If you're not fussed about these features, then download Lite; taking away these fancier features means the size of the app is around 10 times smaller than the original Messenger at just 10MB, being great at saving your valuable phone storage.

The smaller size, which takes up less data, also uses up less battery meaning the the background data and battery normally eaten up by GIFs, stickers etc.on regular Messenger is saved on the Lite version.

Since it's launch in October last year, the Install figure on the Google Play Store sits at 50,000,000 to 100,000,000, so it's clearly proving popular for it's users.

So, if you're in a location with lower-connectivity or simply want a stripped-back, battery-saving version of Messenger, get downloading!

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our Content Writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with a love of writing about anything and everything in tow. Find her daily musings on twitter @Songbird_Lauras

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