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Facebook Aim to Beat Cyber-Bullying by Training Schoolchildren

While the internet is pretty revolutionary; connecting with friends, learning new things and just about everything else in-between is easy as PI, it's also a very dangerous place - especially for children. Harmful, inappropriate and explicit material is easily accessible on the internet and can be exposed to younger members of society with the click of a button, which could then lead to further issues such as poor mental health, crime and bullying.

It's no secret that the rise of social media and technology has brought with it the unfortunate rise of cyber-bullying, with the ability to bully and manipulate easy and the psychological effects powerful. As children's charity the NSPCC reports, 1 in 4 children have seen something upsetting online, and 1 in 3 have been a victim of cyber-bullying.

With these shocking statistics, it's unsurprising that the fight against online-abuse is ongoing, and news broke this week that social media-giant Facebook is next in line to do their bit. Facebook are investing a whopping £1 million to help pupils in the UK's 4,500 secondary schools to become "digital safety ambassadors" - trained to recognise and counter online abuse and cyber-bullying.

With Facebook being a leader in the social-media game, it's likely that their influence will be huge; they say they're hoping to train students in every UK school, resulting in tens of thousands of educated and cyber-aware pupils. The training will be through UK youth charities, which Facebook is funding to carry out informative, classroom teaching.

Facebook's head of safety, Antigone Davis comments, "Over the last decade, we have developed a wealth of innovative resources on Facebook that enable young people to look after themselves and their peers, from our updated Safety Centre, to our online reporting tools. By offering trained digital safety ambassadors to every UK secondary school we are now taking this commitment offline too."

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