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Trips - Lonely Planet's Very Own Traveler's Instagram

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Back when Instagram first appeared, the onus was on taking photos of things facing away from you, often very far away. Long before the days of Boomerangs, filters, food porn and even selfies, Instagram feeds were often almost exclusively populated with landscape shots as users documented their various travel destinations, delighted at the chance to turn their mobile snaps into more polished, attractive shots.

A lot has changed since then, to the point where there's a certain stigma attached to using Instagram to post travel snaps. Worries which didn't exist in 2008 dominate the social media landscape now - oversharing, FOMO, padding the echo chamber, and so forth. People still post travel pictures on there, but cautiously, sparingly and often with little to no detail about where the picture was taken or in what context. It's a shame, really.

Clearly, Lonely Planet think so too, as they've now brought out their own app to give people their travel-snapping fix - Trips. It allows you to post collections of images from your travels, along with map locations and text information about where you were, why you were there, what happened while you were there and anything else that might be relevant/interesting. It's only social in the sense that following and liking are both enabled, but really it's just about photo journaling, through and through.

The real purpose of Trip is to help fellow travellers evaluate different places that they might want to visit next. By default, posts are shared publicly, so anyone will be able to see and search for your content if they so choose. The map referencing also allows people to see almost exactly where you took the photos, doubtlessly the app's most useful feature. Lonely Planet famously produce guidebooks, and this kind of feels like a user generated travel guidebook.

Curated collections from the app's best users will also be appearing, with quality being judged not just by the photos but by the depth of written detail about the places in question. While Trip isn't a viable Instagram alternative, it certainly suits the travel minded far better, and may well end up carving out a market niche which Instagram themselves have effectively abandoned.

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