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Accidental Clicks Will No Longer Factor Into Facebook's Ad Network

We've all done it, happily scrolling through our news feed when our finger accidentally puts the pressure on at the wrong moment, inadvertently tapping or clicking on an ad which we have little to no interest in. For us civvies, it's a very minor annoyance, but for the brands themselves, it can turn their metrics into a bit of a mess. More importantly though, it means they sometimes end up paying for Audience Network fees that it didn't actually gain anything from.

Facebook have now instated a clause where if the clicking user leaves within two seconds or under, it won't be counted towards metrics/Audience Network fees. The two seconds isn't set in stone, it's just a jumping off point, and will likely be adjusted when Facebook have a better idea of what the margin of error actually is, after all, just because you don't leave the page immediately doesn't mean you clicked the ad on purpose, necessarily.

Some are concerned that this may end up having a negative effect on their bottom line stats but that's a small price to pay for cultivating a more balanced, accurate advertising system on Facebook. Given that they plan to soon make deeper ad metrics more broadly available, it all feels like part of a bigger push to lure new advertisers in and appease existing ones. If there's one thing Facebook are good at, it's ad space, and with all the trouble Google have been facing on that front, they're steamrolling the competition.

Social media advertising is still, in many ways, an unanswered question. Nobody really fully understands the best approach yet but Facebook are setting the standard. What advertisers are really looking for is a malleable experience, one which feeds them back the most in-depth information it's possible to get, and shows them how to refine their ads to improve on existing stats. Little tweaks like discounting accidental clicks might not seem like much, but when taken in conjunction with everything else, it's a prime example of why Facebook are so far ahead of everyone else.

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