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Snapchat Are Bringing Out a Daily News Show With NBC

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The future of social media-driven TV is looking more and more comprehensive. Snapchat already boasts a number of different news sources, and now they're throwing a daily news roundup program into the mix. To to this, they've partnered up with NBC, and together the pair have created a kind of 'alternative' approach to newscasting. No suits, no awkward paper shuffling credits crawls, this is news broadcasting for 2017.

From next Wednesday onwards, Snapchat users will be able to watch 'Stay Tuned' twice a day, each episode covering all the biggest news stories in bitesize three-minute chunks. With this show, Snap Inc are hoping that Snapchat will ultimately become the first port of call for users who are keen to stay up to date with what's going on in the world. It's a tall order, but not an unreachable one.

The cadre of publishers Snap has recruited for Discover since it launched two years ago has continued to grow and diversify, and the feature itself has only gotten more popular. Meanwhile, the 'Our Stories' feature, which pulls together curated collections of user-generated content surrounding current events, has also gone from strength to strength. In this sense, Snap don't have to put in much more graft to show the world that Snapchat is capable of being a reliable, quality news source, because it already is.

NBC are currently the dominant forces in Snapchat's exclusive TV content section, having invested have a billion dollars in their IPO in order to get in on the ground floor. Stay Tuned will be the next in a line of several shows the network have already premiered on the service, with others including counterparts to successful full length programs like The Voice and The Rundown. NBC reporters also took to Snapchat to cover the 2016 presidential election, uploading content on their accounts in the hopes of getting it featured on the Our Stories section.

NBC have dedicated 30 staff members to Stay Tuned, including two anchors - Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz. Sellers worked with a reporting team which received an Emmy for a piece about heroin addiction in 2015, while Schwartz spent ten years as a co-anchor and lead investigator for an NBC affiliated news team in Albuquerque. This will be a big step up for both of the relatively young reporters.

As for how the style of newscasting will different from the established TV style, aside from being shorter, is hard to say until the show actually comes out, but judging from the statements from Snapchat and NBC themselves, it's just going to be a relatively unglamorous info-share. No pomp, no standing on ceremony, just news presented as clearly as possible, and formatted to fit the Snapchat model, because that's how you appeal to a younger audience, not by speaking their language, but by speaking clearly.

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