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Skype's Redesign Gets a Unanimous Thumbs Down from Users

Last month, we filled you in on the brand new Skype update that brought a massive redesign to the instant messaging app. With a new set of features reminiscent of Snapchat, Skype looked like it was going to slot itself in alongside the other popular messaging apps, however things haven't quite gone to plan.

Everyone hates it.

Perhaps not everyone, but the majority of the feedback that Microsoft has received over their new update has been pretty negative. You just need to take a look at their iTunes rating, which is only at 1.5 stars for the current version, to see that people aren't responding to the app the way that the company hoped they would.

The majority of hatred towards the redesign has been focused towards the loss of previous features that apparently meant more to users than Microsoft realised. People were particularly upset about the removal of the status display which showed whether or not contacts were online. The company obviously thought that such a small detail wouldn't be missed, but it was enough to cause a huge uproar.

In response to the backlash, Skype have now come out and said in their latest press release that they're prepared to improve upon the problems that have arisen. They wrote:

"We want you to know we've been listening, updating, and responding to your feedback. We're committed to providing you with an amazing experience we know only this newest generation of Skype can deliver."

Yes, this does mean that they're reinstating the status display so everyone can rest easy.

Although this feature has yet to be brought back, Skype have already rolled out some updates to improve the ability to delete contacts and conversations, as well as fixing multi-tasking while on a call. Further down the line, there are also plans to add more themes and colour options to the app to improve the ability to personalise your Skype however you want. There will also be an update to the interface that makes navigation a great deal easier.

Skype closed out their press release by reminding everyone that:

"The goal for this next generation of Skype is to bring people in your world closer together than ever before, and we know - especially with your help - it'll continue getting better and better. We're excited for you to see what's next."

Let's hope that whatever the future brings, it stays well away from everyone's beloved status display.

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