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Prisma Developers are Turning your Selfies into Stickers

Last year, the Prisma app took the world by storm, amassing millions of downloads thanks to its unique image alteration feature. Now, the same developers have a new app that hopes to apply that quirky feature to a more social setting.

The app is named Sticky and turns your selfies into stylised stickers that can be sent to friends and family through social media platforms like Whatsapp, iMessage and Telegram. It's auto cut-out feature removes the background from the picture so that only your selfie remains, allowing you to save it and then send it via the applicable apps.

"We trained neural networks to find different objects on a photo, video and even on a live video stream," co-founder Aram Airapetyan explained when asked about his team's latest creation. He refers to it as a "very complex tech behind an easy user experience".

Although the main feature of Sticky involves cutting out the selfie to act as a standalone sticker, the background can also be utilised by altering it with the select few full-fill colour options available. Plans to add more options and functionality for the background are in the pipeline once interest in Sticky has built up.

You can also add a white border around the selfie to better recreate the look of a sticker.

Being in its early stages, there are still some issues that need to be ironed out, particularly in terms of the cut-out feature which can get confused by hair or certain lighting conditions. These problems can require some trial and error on users behalf to take a picture that it doesn't have difficulty with, but the more people that use Sticky, the quicker the tech will learn.

Alongside creating stickers from photos, the app can also make animated ones which act as a GIF on the various social platforms. All you have to do is hold down the camera button and it will take multiple frames that are then turned into an animation. These can add an extra spark of life to your sticker responses.

The team are hopeful that Sticky will be just as successful as Prisma, with Airapetyan pointing out that:

"Sticky is surely going to become a better app with lots more features. We just need to find out what people need first. Stickers, in general, are very popular nowadays and the popularity will spiral up, for sure."

The app is free to download on iOS now and will become available on Android in the coming weeks.

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