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You Can Now Create Group Spotify Playlists Within Messenger

Creating group playlists is a great way to socialise remotely. You might be planning a party, trying to build up some hype for a festival or just have a mutual music appreciation session. Creating mutual playlists on Spotify itself is a bit of a faff, they have to be made public and then other contributors have to be authorised. The steps make sense but in practise it usually takes a few attempts. Also, as not everyone necessarily has a Spotify account, it's hard to co-ordinate.

Spotify have had an in-Messenger version of their service for a while, but all it was good for was sharing song clips, which is kind of redundant given that you can just share links to full tracks using a URL anyway. Now though, it's been given a new purpose, as you can use it to create shared playlists which are accessible to everyone in the chat. Said playlist will then show up on the creator's Spotify profile.

The real beauty of it is that you don't even need to have Spotify to use it, all of the song adding is done within Messenger. You can't delete songs or rearrange the order, that's up to the person who made the playlist, but song choice is completely open. If, however, anyone else on the chat actually wants to listen to the playlist, then they'll need to have a Spotify account.

While testing, I found that the service only really works properly on the mobile version of Messenger. Attempts to use it on the standard Facebook desktop platform and the desktop version of Messenger just gave me empty dialogue boxes, but this had the look of a bug, rather than an oversight. Clearly it's still in the early stages of release, but hopefully the kinks will be worked out before too long.

It's a worthwhile idea, and one with a lot of potential. Spotify is gradually becoming a more social experience, with more people following their friends via Facebook, rather than just artists. It will always be a music streaming service first and foremost, but making it easier for people to communicate and share music with each other will only strengthen Spotify's already impressive lead against key competitors like Apple Music and Tidal.

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