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Reddit Have Sneakily Added Location Tagging

The Verge/Foursquare
If you haven't been on Reddit for a while, you might be a bit shocked to see how much it's changed in recent months. For the rest of us hopeless addicts, it's been a bit like that old tale of a frog in boiling water. The latest addition is a bit of a shocker even for the heavy users though. It's far from compulsory, and it might not change the user experience in any drastic way, but the very fact that it's being introduced certainly says something for the headspace the company are in - location tagging.

It's a commonplace feature on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but they serve completely different purposes to Reddit, which is largely built around a forum format. So the question arises, why bother tagging your location? Well, the feature is only being rolled out on the mobile version at first, so it seems like the idea is that it should pertain to posts about experiences.

Say, for example, you're on holiday and you've just happened upon an amazing, secluded stretch of beach. You can now share in Reddit with the location right there in the header, rather than having to explain exactly where it is. Other Reddit users can then keep the post bookmarked for when they head on a trip to the same area. It's basically taking something that you can do on Facebook or Instagram, and making it available to a wider audience who are defined based on their interests, rather than who they know.

The location info is powered by Foursquare, so it should be pretty comprehensive, and it certainly opens up a lot of interesting new possibilities. Reddit also brought profile pages in a while ago, giving users more of a sense of each other's personality. While it would be a stretch to suggest that they're actively trying to be like Facebook, they're certainly taking cues from it in order to make the platform more comprehensive.

If you're already getting subreddit updates from subscription, the experience isn't dissimilar to a Facebook or Twitter feed anyway, and adding location tagging to it will just make the experience more versatile. Reddit knows why it's popular, and they won't do anything to alter that. They're just seeing how they can make the experience more interesting, rather than bringing in a new audience.

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