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Hinge Have Added Video Content to Dating Profiles

In the increasingly competitive world of dating apps, Hinge has struggled to find an identity. First of all, they boasted that they could use Facebook profile data to offer more accurate matching than any other service. Later on, they threw that out in favour of a format that was better suited to 'serious relationships', which largely involved brutally lambasting Tinder.

Now Hinge are taking another step to stand out from the crowd - they've introduced a video feature. While most of the big social media platforms are all scrambling to provide the most interesting video options, virtually none of the most popular dating apps have it. Back in the days of old school online dating, a video bio was a common feature, but since apps took over it's fallen by the wayside.

As of the latest update, Hinge users can add videos to their profiles, either from their camera roll or imported from Facebook or Instagram. The videos will act as an alternative to photos, so users are still limited to the same six slots and they have to decide for themselves what the ratio between photos and videos ought to be. When users are scrolling through a profile, the videos will autoplay on mute.

The idea with this isn't to create a face-to-camera testimonial, but rather to take pre-existing content and make it part your profile. Studies have shown that people who use photos of themselves actively doing things on dating apps tend to fare better than those who stick resolutely to posed, conditioned selfies. Translating that principle to video adds a whole new dimension to the process, or at least that's what Hinge are hoping.

This may be a significant first step not just for Hinge but for dating app culture in general. Videos are the most popular form of content online, it was only a matter of time before dating apps started to implement them. Hinge's approach may well end up setting the standard for all dating services, a feat which could finally grant them a real identity.

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