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Soon You'll be Able to Stream Competitive CrossFit on Facebook

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With all the various back and forth about which social media platform will lay claim to the NFL, NBA, EPL and so forth, Facebook have quietly snapped up one of the more bizarrely popular sporting outliers (if you can even call it a sport). CrossFit have been a mainstay in various forms of high intensity exercise and gymnastics for some time now, but they're perhaps best known for their powerlifting competitions, and soon you'll be able to stream them on Facebook.

From today (May 19th) onwards, you'll be able to stream somewhere in the region of 40 different live shows through the rest of the year, covering everything from competitions to behind-the-scenes coverage to discussion panels. During the busier stretches this will mean that Facebook will be broadcasting eight hours of CrossFit content a day. One of the proposed shows is also called 'Frenemy Friday', I just felt like I should point that out.

This is less about Facebook branching out and more about CrossFit updating their broadcasting regimen, as some of the events will be available to stream on YouTube as well, but in any case it's a good example of how far live-streaming is reaching. The audience for powerlifting tournaments is, at best, niche, but it's far easier to lock in a niche audience online than it is on TV. What CrossFit are doing is taking advantage of some prime real estate, and they certainly won't be the last.

As far as Facebook are concerned, any audience expansion is advantageous - the more people they bring in, the broader the spread of sports fans they'll have on the platform, making it progressively easier to secure new contracts. Money isn't really an issue for Facebook, their main concern is proving that they can put up encouraging, consistent viewer numbers. A patchwork of small, dedicated audiences is the easiest way to do this.

Facebook actually paid CrossFit directly for the rights to this programming, and there's no word yet on exactly how they're going to be drawing revenue from it, so this may well indeed just be a carrot to draw other networks and promoters in. In any case, it's a canny move, and a significant step in widening Facebook's broadcasting appeal.

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