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Gamee is Helping Brands Use Games to Boost Social Media Engagement

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The Facebook Messenger gaming push has been going on for a while now, and meaningful data about engagement is gradually beginning to emerge. The arcade classics like Pac-Man, Arkanoid and Space Invaders are among the most popular, and the average play rate is highest in countries like Singapore.

Singapore is also the latest country to be introduced to Gamee, a Czech platform which provides instant games either through a standalone platform or through Messenger and Kik, depending on your inclination. There's another thing that makes Gamee standout from other Messenger game developers though - they're targeting brands and influencers to make games for them.

It goes beyond that though, in Singapore they found influencers on social media, and tasked them to create games which they could then directly challenge their fans on. Because most Messenger games are built around a scoreboard, it's easy to people to see how they stack up against against others, and if the 'others' in question are famous, so much the better.

What Gamee are doing in Singapore is to hand over control of their toolkit to influencers and brands, and trust that they will make the next step by themselves. Choosing to get this process rolling in a country outside of Europe which was already statistically proven to be gaming-mad was a canny move, to say the least, as it will place then in far better stead to score funding when they want to go global.

Messenger gaming is a largely untapped market at the moment, but Gamee's approach may end up becoming something of a yardstick for other companies. The biggest advantage of Messenger gaming is that it requires no downloading, no account registration and minimal waiting time, you just boot up the Messenger or Kik app and get playing. The next step after that is figuring out how to use a game as a totem for further community building and brand engagement, and that is something that Gamee have locked at the moment.

Gamee just secured a further 2 million euros of funding, which they plan to put into product development and upper level hiring. They're also working with Coca-Cola and a number of other brands on gaming content. Their success could well mark a big change in Messenger gaming.

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