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Trigger - The App Which Fights Twitter Rage With Human Decency

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If you spend an extended period of time on Twitter, odds are you get angry from time to time. There are a few different ways to handle it - rise above it, fire back, call in reinforcements or if it's something truly awful report the other user for abuse. None of those approaches are especially rewarding, and some carry the risk of making it worse, but now there's another way - an app called Trigger.

It might sound confrontational, given its connection to one of the most overused internet umbrella terms, but it actually aims to help people. They call it 'retaliatory giving', and it works like this: when you see a Twitter that enrages you, you reply to it with a dollar figure, the Twitter handle of a non-profit and the hashtag #TriggerGive. Once this happens, the original tweeter will not only be told that they're a jackass, but that their jackassery actually prompted somebody else to do something really nice.

Donating to a nonprofit isn't usually motivated by anger, but why shouldn't it be? Again and again Twitter feeds are clogged up with impotent rage at the latest in a seemingly endless string of crushingly depressing news stories. Here's one for you - nobody ever came close to solving a real world problem with a WTF, STFU or GTFO. What can, and does help is charitable donation, so why not get angry, and then get generous.

Of course, you shouldn't really need a dedicated app for this, but being able to throw it back in the face of a bigot, misogynist or just your garden variety moron is probably pretty satisfying, especially if you've given money to a nonprofit which is in support of something they were complaining about. Trump seems to have ushered in a whole new era of creative ways to say 'screw you', and Trigger is following that legacy.

Once you send your Trigger tweet, the app then takes 24 hours to process your donation, allowing you some breathing room if you end up changing your mind, or deciding to donate a bit more. If you inadvertently (or drunkenly) decided to bid a very large sum, the grace period protects you from that as well. When you create an account, Trigger takes your card details, but they have assured users that their information security is top of the line.

There is one catch - a monthly service fee of $1.59. Trigger use this money to keep their servers running, but even if you don't make any donations on a given month, it still comes out of your account. Hopefully, with time, Trigger will be able to remove this clause, but for the time being it could be deal-breaker for some. If you can look past this though, it's a great way to make the Twitterverse a few shades brighter.

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