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The Washington Post Has Joined the Ranks of Snapchat Discover

Washington Post
It's always interesting when another publication joins Snapchat Discover. Recently, there's been a trend of older, more established print names joining up in order to expand their appeal to younger audiences, and The Washington Post are the latest to follow that trajectory. The key difference? TWP will be updating constantly, making them Snapchat's foremost source of breaking news.

Most of the early stories were, as you might well expect, centred around Donald Trump's various doings, but there was also a tongue in cheek piece about Pizza Rat, remember him? Yeah we had to think for a minute there too.

TWP have actually been playing around on Snapchat for a while, but they've never offered exclusive content before, let alone such enormous quantities of it. A lot of other publications are either actioning or planning to action a similar strategy in the near future, which will likely help turn Snapchat into a much more significant, viable news source.

You can see why the Post and others would want to appeal to a younger audience, but in truth this could end up having a somewhat opposite effect - attracting more older people to the platform. There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but it may change the way that publications choose to present their content.

Along with publications, Snapchat is starting to feature more full fledged shows. Their US-based news show Good Luck America is returning soon, and in less political terms, their reality show Second Chance is due to start airing in April.

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